Industry cluster research shared with state and national leaders

May 8, 2024

TPEC researcher Tom Horan presented recent medical device research at Industry Clusters on the Prairie: Economic Drivers in South Central Minnesota, a daylong event held in North Mankato in February. More than 60 industry, economic development, research, and transportation leaders participated in the event, held by CTS, TPEC, and the Region 9 Economic Development Commission

Bob Kill discusses supply chains and goods movement during a panel discussion with Patrick Hessini, Andrew Andrusko, and moderator Frank Douma.

Following Horan’s presentation, panel discussions focused on the implications of the research for Greater Minnesota. Topics included how to better identify clusters, preserve linked local industries such as health care and childcare, identify and fill gaps in the supply chain, and encourage more local production to reduce the risks inherent in global supply chains. A second panel shifted the discussion to transportation and logistics, focusing on goods movement, supply chain, and economic impacts. 

In a video message, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar highlighted the recent federal designation of Minnesota MedTech 3.0 as a U.S. Department of Commerce Tech Hub. She also stressed the importance of keeping more of the supply chain in Minnesota, particularly for semiconductor chips. 

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