Telecommuting research indicates continued inequalities

May 8, 2024

Man smiling at his computer while sitting at a table

TPEC researchers are updating their work on telecommuting trends post-Covid. Recent demographic data is being analyzed to explore possible access disparities along racial, income, and gender lines. Preliminary research indicates some inequalities in telecommuting trends may persist along with seasonal trends, which will be analyzed with the addition of retrospective temporal data. Moving forward, researchers plan to add locational and travel time data to deepen our understanding of where and when travel is occurring in the Twin Cities

A TPEC paper takes a high-level look at the impacts of telecommuting through 2022. Focusing on Minnesota, the paper examines travel patterns, congestion, land-use patterns, and transit use—and the equity issues arising from shifting employment online. The research was featured in an article—Telecommuting: The Pandemic’s ‘Silver Lining’ May Have a ‘Touch of Gray’—published in 2023 as part of the CTS Future of Mobility series.