Minnesota Transportation Finance Database

A One-Stop Source for Robust, Independent Data

The Minnesota Transportation Finance Database is a longitudinal and spatially integrated database for Minnesota transportation finance. It compiles data about Minnesota’s current transportation finance mechanisms and shows the change of transportation spending over time, for different parts of the state. The database is composed of annual data from transportation funding sources as well as transportation expenditure allocations.

State Finance

FileFile NameData TypeData TimelineDownload
A1Minnesota Highway User Tax Revenue (A1 description)State-level1975-2023Download File A1 (xlsx)
A2Minnesota Federal Highway Trust Fund Receipts (A2 description)State-level1975-2022Download File A2 (xlsx)
BState of Minnesota Revenue and Expenditures for Transportation Purposes (B description)State Level2005-2021Download File B (xlsx)
SMinnesota Expenditures of Trunk Highway and Trunk Highway Bond Funds (S description)State-level2002-2022Download File S (xlsx)
UState and Local Government Finance (U description)National2000-2021Download File U (xlsx)
V1State Road Construction Expenditures by County (V1 description)County-level2000-2022Download File V1 (xlsx)
V2Operations and Maintenance Expenditures by District (V2 description)District-level2000-2022Download File V2 (xlsx)
V3State Highway Capitalized and Maintenance Costs (V3 description)State-level2002-2022Download File V3 (xlsx)

Local Finance

FileFile NameData TypeData TimelineDownload
CLocal Highway Finance Report - All Cities (C description)State-level2004-2022Download File C (xlsx)
DLocal Highway Finance Report - All Counties (D description)State-level2004-2022Download File D (xlsx)
ELocal Highway Finance Report - All Townships (E description)State-level2004-2022Download File E (xlsx)
F1County Transportation Tax Revenue (F1 description)County-level2004-2022Download File F1 (xlsx)
F2Municipal Vehicle Excise Tax Revenue (F2 description)City-level2004-2022Download File F2 (xlsx)
GMinnesota County Governmental Fund Data (G description)County-level2004-2021Download File G (xlsx)
HMinnesota City Governmental Fund Data (H description)County-level2005-2021Download File H (xlsx)
JMinnesota Township Governmental Fund Data (J description)County-level2006-2021Download File J (xlsx)

Highway Travel

FileFile NameData TypeData TimelineDownload
KCounty Crash Data (K description)County-level2004-2022Download File K (xlsx)
MDaily and Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) by County and System (M Description)County-level2001-2022Download File M (xlsx)
NCenterline Miles and Lane Miles used by County and System (N description)County-level2002-2023Download File N (xlsx)
TMinnesota Motorization Trends (T description)State-level1980-2022Download File T (xlsx)
W1Vehicle Count and Registration Tax (W1 description)County-level2008-2022Download File W1 (xlsx)
W2Electric Vehicle Registrations (W2 description)County-level2020-2022Download File W2 (xlsx)
W2aLight-Duty Vehicle Registrations (W2a description)State-level2016-2022Download File W2a (xlsx)
W3Wheelage Tax by County (W3 description)County-level2007-2023Download File W3 (xlsx)
XHighway Quality (X description)National2007-2020Download File X (xlsx)


FileFile NameData TypeData TimelineDownload
POperating and Capital Funding Sources of Minnesota Urban Transit Systems (P description)Agency-level1991-2022Download File P (xlsx)
QOperating Expenses and Service Provided by Minnesota Urban Transit Systems (Q description)Agency-level1991-2022Download File Q (xlsx)
RExpenses of the Minnesota Rural Transit Systems (R description)Agency-level2007-2022Download File R (xlsx)